Energy Saving Products

Energy Saving Products

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Above picture: Shows the GMX magnets on an electric water heater here in Gillette. The GMX magnets on this particular unit are keeping it mineral free for 33 years now!

Along with our energy-saving roofing systems, we sell an array of energy-saving products for your home, business, and automobiles. We carry the Conklin line of residential and commercial cleaners. We also carry Conklin’s line of lubricants and fuel cleaning injector cleaners. One of our main energy-saving innovations we sell is called GMX units. These are units that magnetize your natural gas and propane allowing for the generation of more energy from the same amount of fuel. This product is cost-effective and reduces your natural gas or propane usage between 10 & 20% all while helping you go green. Stop by our office and ask about any of these products.

Benefits Of Our Energy Saving Products

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Products are costs effective

Reduce natural gas & propane costs

Go Green

Extend the life of cars & home appliances

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